10 Reasons to choose Calstate

As the line at the Sri Lankan passport office grows longer each day, the desire to seek greener pastures overseas has become a greater desire.

One of the prime destinations in the USA. Student migration is an increasingly popular option. In this regard, student migration is a popular option.

As the largest university system in the U.S. with a range of studies and locations across California, the CSU provides all individuals interested in furthering their education access to a valuable, life-changing college degree. Here are just 10 reasons to apply to the CSU.

1. Affordable, World-Class Education

The CSU is the best value in higher education. Year after year, it remains one of the most affordable university systems in the nation, with more than half of its students graduating with zero loan debt. In 2019, all 23 campuses ranked among the top 100 “Best Bang for the Buck” universities in the West, according to Washington Monthly.

In addition, the university offers students a variety of financial aid options to ensure access to higher education, including grants, loans, scholarships, fellowships, and work-study.

“Higher education transformed my life. I assure you that no matter your circumstances, the CSU is within your reach. It is affordable and it will change your life” CSU Chancellor Joseph I. Castro, PhD, said during Super Sunday 2021.

2. Solving Economic Mobility through Education

As Chancellor Castro stated, the CSU changes the lives of its students. Its ​campuses consistently rank high each year in College NET’s “Social Mobility Index”—which measures to what extent higher education institutions are helping solve the declining levels of economic mobility in the U.S.

The index looks at the cost of attendance, economic background of the student body, graduation rates and early-career salaries to determine if schools are accepting economically disadvantaged students and graduating them into well-paying jobs. In 2020, 22 CSU campuses ranked in the top 60 percent of the index, and CSU campuses claimed 70 percent of the top 20 spots.

3. Committed to Student Success

With student success at the heart of the Graduation Initiative 2025 (GI2025), there has never been a better time to be a CSU student. The ambitious initiative seeks to increase graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps.

4. A University for All

Everyone is welcome at the CSU. As the nation’s most diverse four-year university, the CSU serves all students regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability or socioeconomic status.

The university celebrates the diversity of its student body and ensures the success of all students​ through systemwide initiatives like the Educational Opportunity Program and GI2025, campus-based programs, cultural centres and anti-bias training.

5. World-class Faculty

CSU faculty are among the best and the brightest in the profession, providing students with a quality education while addressing equity gaps. They are the leaders who engage with students, meet their learning needs in the campus or virtual classroom and prepare ​them for their future.

6. Taking Lead in Digital Transformation

​The CSU is working diligently to ensure that students have the technology they need to be successful beginning on day one. Most recently, it launched its CSUCCESS (California State University Connectivity Contributing to Equity and Student Success) initiative to enhance digital equity.

But COVID-19 and virtual learning also made apparent the technological disparities that exist along racial, ethnic and socioeconomic lines. The CSU refuses to turn a blind eye to these challenges and works to address these inequities that ultimately lead to unequal access to education. Ongoing efforts include providing low- and no-cost resources to students and faculty alike.

7. Preparing the Next Generation of Experts

One in 10 employees in California is a CSU graduate. As a result,​ the university is responsible for preparing the next generation of experts leading the state to a better future. With the support of top professors, laboratories, relationships with local industries and hands-on learning, CSU students will have the knowledge and experience to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

8. Focused on Innovation and Research

Even before graduation, CSU students get hands-on experience and learning opportunities conducting cutting-edge research in the lab and the field with faculty. Just this past year, CSU research helped California understand and combat COVID-19, while other ongoing research has looked at climate change, aid for those with disabilities, fire prevention, ocean conservation and earthquakes.

9. Committed to developing Leadership and Soft Skills

Students will also develop leadership skills, both inside and outside of the classroom, before entering the workforce​. Whether through work-study or internships, campus organizations or athletics, volunteering or civic engagement initiatives, the CSU ensures students’ learning experience prepares them to serve and lead their communities both inside and outside a professional capacity.

10. A Global Alumni Network

With the graduation of the Class of 2021, CSU reached 4 million alumni. This extensive network provides students and graduates with people to turn to for mentorship, advice and internship or job opportunities.​

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